Friday, January 23, 2009


Speaking of runner's high, I never thought that it would felt like this. After 4 days of frustration I finally manage to once again taste endorphin. LOL and I got high. That's what addicts do right ? We want to get high as often as possible. A shot is never enough, I can tell.

Edan return my text last night after half pass nine. "....abg pg keje slalu kul bpe?" sounds like aaaa forget it. Edan is a guy with proper words, I would reckon. Anyway, after replying he's text with "...kul 830-9 slalu gerak dr rumah...nak lari pg ke?ok je...", I was jumping! haha at last.

This morning, I was awaken by my mobile phone's alarm at 5.55am. Looked at the phone to see whether Edan have sent me a text or not. Hmmpp...nothing....put it back under my pillow and I'm back to wonderland. Few seconds in wonderland, I've been disturbed by a vibe. It was my phone reacting to an incoming text. Wuhuuu...there you go, the most anticipated text from Edan. "Salam.....jd jog x?tunggu kt tasik sek 7 bleh? kt bastop dpn flat". With those words, I jumped out of bed and head straight to the shower.

Quickly stretch the cloth where I could place my fore head for the morning. 3 minutes and I'm done. Next thing I know, I was in the car already heading to the tasik. As I arrived at the rally point, I saw Daud (i'm not really sure what his name is lah...) stretching. Put my running shoes on, few minutes later Edan arrived, limping. He has an injury on his left Extensor Digitorum and Tibialis Anterior, I think!!. But still he decided to run still, you really can't talk an addict out of this.

And so the journey of the fellowship begins. The time was 6.45am. We started on the road where tasik sek. 7 is on our left and INPENS is on our right hand side. Crossed to INPENS, headed to UiTM's front gate. Proceed to seksyen 2 going to Tasik S. Alam. From there we head straight to Concorde Hotel along the majestic blue mosque. At this time the traffic was building up since its already 7.30am, locals commutes to their respective workplace. At the junction, we took a left turn, placing the Selangor PDRM on our right and Selangor SUK's building on our left. And we go straight (don't belok-belok) until we reached the point where we have started.

Had a small warm down session. Hopped into my ride, and drove to, where else, HAKIM!! Treat myself with non-greasy tosai with teh ais. Chit chated about bicycle, scrambler, scuba, marathon, girls and everything about nothing. Then, Daud decided to dismiss by just walking to his house, while me drove and dropped Edan by the road side near to his house.

Got home the time was almost 9.00am. Whoosh....whooshh.... Ironed a shirt and a pants. Hit the shower. Took everything and nothing with me. Arrived at the office nearly 10am. Well that was it. All in all. Not very much of a quickie by definition actually. Ha-ha-ha. Well that what actually happened to me this morning.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adidas Running Shoes Seeding Program Q1 2009

Today is the last day of the program .... Silly me .... how can i missed it haha ... anyhow Ann called Mr. Krishnan but there are no shoes that fits us anymore ... Ann about to cry I guess (haha) until Mr. Krishnan said there will be Q2 of this program. Wallah...there you go ... the sun shines again ... mentari muncul lagi .... so ...better keep an eye for the Q2 program ...

image source from

Adidas Running Shoes Seeding Program Q1 2009

To all Adidas Hardcore,

Good news for runners who blog or having their own webpage.adidas had once again brought in more highly innovative running shoes to be given away FREE to runners to wear-test them & to post in their blog a very frank & unprejudiced opinion about the shoes after 30 days of usage.
One of the shoe that is included in this program is adiZero Adois that Haile Gebrselassie used at the 2008 Berlin Marathon setting a world record in the Marathon at 2hr 03 mins 58 sec.The sizes are limited and I have them in size UK 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 & 10.5. Those wishing to possess these shoes will have to comply with the following terms & condition :

1 ) Come to the adidas office to fit the shoes.
2 ) Undertake to post a comment in their blog
a. about the Technical features of the Shoes upon receiving them
b. about the performance of the shoes after 30 days of usage.
3 ) Must be a blogger or has his/her own website.This offer expires on 15th January 2009 & the shoes will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The program this year is only open to those who had NOT participated or missed out in this program previously.

If you are interested pls call to make an appointment as appended below

Office address:

Adidas Malaysia Sdn Bhd Block B ,
Level 4, Plaza Damansara 45,
Media Setia 1Bukit Damanasara,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel Office : 03 - 20804843
Mobile No : 012 - 3503668
E-Mail : krishnan.karuppan

Best Regards,

Krishnan Karuppan
Head of Running Adidas Malaysia

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All in all

It has been a month since I posted my last writing. Sorry guys, along the way there was like 3 or 4 draft that ended up in the recycle bin. Few runs has gone by, adding up some more stories to my little low life experience. Malakoff 12KM KL run, LOL I must say that there are no words that can describe those satanic hills of Taman Rimba Bukit Kiara. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed it so much and make a friend along the way. His name is Azree if I'm not mistaken. You're the man bro. Almost forgot, congrats to my buddies Nan and Hana for their 1st ever competitive run. I'm sure you guys have understand the thing that all this time I'm trying to tell.

Then, came the Pacemaker Network Run. LOL this run put a smile on my face every time it come to my sense. To rookie runner, such as myself, few words of advice, do not join this race if your pace is slower than me. This race (i think lah) is for speedsters and podium runners ONLY! I came in 23rd out of 28 runners within my category. Know what I'm talking about?

KLAVA Back To Nature Relay 2009.Well this is a run to be remembered. First of all because this is my first relay run. Second of all, I've team up with my buddies, Nan and Hana. Ann acted as the managers for The Rookies (that's what we named our team). Nan become the first runner for the 3.9KM loop, clocked 22'13", PB! Yehaaa you're the man bro! Then Hana came in as the second runner, can't remember her timing was, but I think it was like 25', PB too!. Lastly, myself, sprinted until at one point of the run I felt like my heart want to gave out and my face was all numb. I clocked 18'. At the end of the relay we managed to come 14th out of 20 mixed team. Not bad huh guys!

Around the corner, GE Pacesetter 30KM Run awaits. Dammit!! I haven't done a single LSD in weeks. Suffer is the correct word for me this Sunday. On the other hand, I've been on a speed training these few days. Today would be the 3rd day of the 1st week out of 12 weeks of training. This speed work is really a killer lah. Haha. Yesterday, at the 5th or 6th rep (I can't recall) I felt like puking man. Seriously, my face, throat, lungs, heart etc (all other internal organs that I have) felt like burning. Haha. No pain no gain, I couldn't agree more. FYI, I was speeding at a speed of 45-50 sec for a 200meter length. I don't know about you guys, but for me (ordinary guy) that was damn fast man.

All in all, I have to run at least a LSD this week before I endure the 20KM this Sunday. Fingers crossed. This is me saying adios for this time. Wish me luck guys! I really need it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Last week

I need a new training shoe! That’s what I told myself last week, for not running on weekdays. haha lame excuses right. Well the truth is, since PBM, I can't stop eating! A weekend before previous one, I had 3 runs. Boy, let me tell you, those 3 runs was hell as the 25KM. I did 2 on Saturday, one in the morning, the other was in the evening, and a jog on Sunday morning with 'Siput Runners'.

I have to tell, after that double run on Saturday, my left calf was aching like hell. I was saying to myself, "What the ....., 25KM with minor aching, but this 16KM is killing me? c'mon ...." And I was on Lunar Trainer. Then I said to myself … "may be because I haven't run for nearly a week, and my legs were surprised la kot kan", come to think about it, I guess it was!

And then the laziness continues, last week, whole weekdays I was on my back. Some more lame excuses, 1. My left calf was aching, I need to rest and heal. 2. I need a new training shoe, I can't slam the LT no more, dude I haven't done with the monthly payment yet and it’s starting to wear already!

So there I was, Friday, at the Adidas Store looking for a decent training shoe that fits my limited budget. At some point of looking at those shoes, came down the sales boy saying "ha bang, beli la kasut lari. Lepas tuh join la mane-mane race. Tak dapat ape-ape pun takpe, at least dpt goodie beg. Sape nak bagi kan .." Me and acquaintance looked at each other and we both put on a big smile to the boy. Somewhere in my head I was saying "bro...tgk member gua nih...kecik...comel...kan? die nih dah lari 25KM. Agak-agak bro la kan...ade tak orang suke-suke pergi lari 25KM tanpa masuk race?", but I decided to keep it to myself from a pointless explanation.

In the end, I'd pay for a RM90 pair of shoe. You know what? It’s identical to my previous training rubber, except its green in color. But hey, it’s for training right? Furthermore, my LT has a dazzling green sole too.

With this new training rubber, I’m planning to get back on the road, 40km per week millage. Still doubt the GE30KM, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had a somewhat lousy morning today. Reason being, I failed a written test. Lesson learned? Don’t take theory lightly, they’ll test it first then only your hands on. It is rather substantial different between local and multinational standard I might say. Anyway, enough with the morning gloom. Let’s move on to the sunny day afoot.

I remembered how a friend of mine describes a theory about buddies (close friends lah!). The lecture was short; buddies are like an atomic structure. Physic 101! An atom consists of 3 particles; neutron and proton would make the nucleus and electron that circles the nucleus. Now, association between those elements with buddies. Well, often we let this scenario slip by accident or it’s just our nature to be ignorance. Usually there will be a group of 2 to 5 very-very close friends, which merely act like neutrons and protons. While others, friend of a friend would complete the structure as the electrons.

Interestingly, when an atom has same amount of protons as electrons it is consider as a ‘natural element’. Obviously a ‘positively’ charge atom has more protons than electrons, which comes to my conclusion! Close friends or buddies tend to stick together, doing the same stuff or activities; take running for example! Which is good or positive, if I might say? They would have less ‘not-so-positive’ activities, which leads to less ‘not-so-positive’ friends and thus making the group ‘positively’ charge. Meanwhile at the same time, a friend of a friend would also be affected and become more positive by doing the same activities.

And of course the same mechanism would imply to a ‘negatively’ charge atom as well, but let’s just focus on the bright side shall we. In a nutshell, this is what I would like to think is happening to me and other protons, neutrons and electrons. Jimmy Neutron anyone?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

In the beginning

After countless times trying very hard to slam this QWERTY keyboard’s keys, I at this moment resolve myself to finally type. So, here it is. My first born article, more importantly the birth of running-crook BlogSpot! I guess, I have to properly introduce me self before everything else floods the way. I would reckon the flood would carry some politics, running, diving and life craps as it goes! Every now and then I suppose.

How do I start? Ok, I’ll put it this way, just bare with me, I’m trying to be witty (ha-ha-ha). I’m 28 years YOUNG male. I have a day job as ‘Mr. Anderson’ in a local company. And currently in this small yet uncultivated mind of mine, are running, diving, swimming, girls, food, music and money! Well who doesn’t?

Well, here I am. In my very own room, sticking my eye balls to a Word Processing Software, squeezing some bombastic word out from hemorrhage brain of mine. Back from breakfast outside after a morning run with a couple of friends. We were talking about running shoes, which we’ve been talking about since I can’t remember when. It has been a week since. Penang Bridge Marathon, where I had my first taste of 25KM! We’ve talk less about it. But inside, we both know, that is the only thing that has been lingering in our mind since we’ve crossed the finishing line. There’s no word that can describe those feelings. Yeah it is not just a feeling. There were plenty of them! Proud and joy were on top of the others, I would say.

Ever since, whenever we stumble upon each other, there’s a smile that only both of us knows what it means, on our faces. The smile that symbolizes satisfaction and pride, for all those lonely and painful night and day training, for all the sufferings that we have to deal when our knees, calves, hips and ankles doesn’t agree with the training plan. So please pardon me if you catch me smiling out of no reason.

Hey…hey…enough of me bragging about little things that nothing compare to whatever is happening in this world at the moment. There goes the introduction! LOL! I got to revisit the port-a-loo (as one of my respected running idol use to say)